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Take control of your website, while we do all the hard work for you !

So how does this work?

We are website design company out of Orange County California. To the community we are known as What My Business Needs LLC. We launched BoloBogo.com, to give business owners back control of their website and in return the savings that come with it. We are located at :

100 Spectrum Center Drive, Suite 900

Irvine, CA 92618

Team Up with Real Experts

Build your site at an affordable price, where you let us truly take care of the complicated stuff.

1. Browse

Click on Browse to choose your option. Would you like to get all the tools and create your website yourself or do you prefer we create the website for you?

2. Make a Choice

Once you choose your option you will have immediate access to your account. Now you are ready to start creating your website. As part of our buy one get one modo, you will get access to our plugin list. Our plugin list will help you promote your website and reach other potential clients at no extra cost.


2.1. Wait

If you chose to have us create your website, you will get a list of questions within 48 hrs. Asking your specific questions about your design. Once we get those questions back we start creating your website on a custom domain. Your website customization will depend on the design you choose. You will have access to your website dashboard within 48 hours, however we may still be working on some of your customization. The timeline will depend on what you want for your customization. All websites are typically done within a week unless options that require custom programming are requested. If you choose self edit but later wish to have us design your website, you have the option to upgrade from your dashboard.

3. Market & Use

Once your website is complete you can begin marketing your website. If you do not get your primary domain with us you will get instructions to how to update your DNS settings on your domain so you can map to your website.